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The Curse Give a Curse

Here's a great an opportunity to repay some rat you stumbled into and were abused by. Respond in kind, plus some.

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Products & Services
How It Works - The basics.
The Store & Catalog - Where to buy what you'll need.
Your Future Life - Step right up. Things improve here.
Send a Scum Some Doom - The dark side of generosity.
A Friend's Future - A strange but thoughtful gift.
Autographed Photos - Signed images of his terrific-ness.
T-Shirts - Eloquent garb.
Mugs - Makes a statement. Holds coffee.
Caps - For the thinking head.
Messages to Pals - A love note with pizzazz.
Funds Forwarding - For the forward thinking.

Our Guarantee - Unconditional and Double Your Money Back.

Recommendations - Professional counseling.

Renewals - Get your new self a new self.

Ida Turtle - Escaping the paparazzi at all costs.
"Lucky" - A brilliantly conceived adjective.
Joe Terrific - The ideal man.

The Re-do Guru
Considering the Inanimate - A ponder and ramble.
Butterfly Effects - The past is more maleable than you think.
The Inevitable - Fate is fickle.

The Forum - Two-way communication between here and there.

About Us

Contact Us - We love to hear from you.

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Merchandise Galore
Our online store stocks lots of incredible stuff, all of it devoted to "the next time around."

The T-Shirt This is just one of our colorful collection of fashionable and eloquent t-shirts.

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