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A Gift That Keeps On Giving

True fans of the Re-do Guru will wear his t-shirt proudly. No doubt, with a matching cap. But the uninitiated may find clothing that includes references to mortality odd. So, give them a reincarnation:

Give a friend the gift that everyone relates to: cheating death. Talk about a terrific Christmas gift, or anniversary present for your spouse... Give him or her something to look forward to: the next life you've personally selected.

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His Stupendousness.

Satisfied Customers Speak.

Professional Counseling.

Let your t-shirt make a statement. Something along the lines of, "I'm completely out of my mind. Steer clear." All these are 100% cotton, Hanes shirts. Only $14.95 each.

Guru Fan
When passers-by spot someone wearing this shirt they sometimes press their palms together and nod. And sometimes give a very wide berth. Sometimes both.

$14.95 each

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Do Something About It

Now here's a conversation-starter. A certain percentage of those you engage in chat about this t-shirt will think you are devotely religious. Boy, are they in for a surprise.

$14.95 each

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While difficult to read in this image, the EncoreAgain logo is tastefully diminutive in this lovely t-shirt. In fact, this is just the shirt the staff wears in our booth at reincarnation trade shows.

$14.95 each

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Various Speculations
Ruminations, conjecture and speculation by the All-Knowing One in his blog.

Butterfly Effects - It's the little things that matter. And the unintended that always seems to surprise us.

The Un-Dead Reborn - Everything you ever wanted to know about the implications of lifespan on the inanimate.

The Inevitable - How we should all think about fate.

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