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Autographed Photographs

Autographed Photo of the Re-do Guru The Guru is one handsome devil. For an autographed photo (signatures can't be personalized, sorry), just click here: Photograph Please.

A handy-dandy primer.

Cheap at Twice the Price.

Satisfied Customers Speak.

Professional Counseling.

Tin Can Conversations

The Forum's launch has been briefly delayed. Please check back here frequently. Once we are up and running, we will be posting communications between customers and the reincarnated. We envision a kind of support group spirit filled with tales of happy outcomes.

If you would like to be alerted to the Form's launch, subscribe to the Re-do Guru's Alerts & News. To sign up, click Alerts Please.
Various Speculations
Ruminations, conjecture and speculation by the All-Knowing One in his blog.

Butterfly Effects - It's the little things that matter. And the unintended that always seems to surprise us.

The Un-Dead Reborn - Everything you ever wanted to know about the implications of lifespan on the inanimate.

The Inevitable - How we should all think about fate.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Have a certificate but can't remember where it is? Lost your e-mail with the download link? No problem!

To retrieve a duplicate of your certificate, simply click Yike! for some quick and easy help.

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