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A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Fans of the Re-do Guru will love this signed photograph. But for the newcomer to this world, it might be less than thrilling.

So give the gift that everyone can relate to: cheating death. Talk about a terrific Christmas gift, or anniversary present for your spouse... Give him or her something to look forward to: the next life you've personally selected.

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His Stupendousness.

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Professional Counseling.

Suitable for Framing This beautiful 8" x 10" glossy photograph has been personally signed by your favorite guru. And it's a paltry $12.95.

Plus, this picture and signature promise to become rare and unique memorabilia in the not-too-distant-future. After all, the Re-do Guru is getting on in years and produces a very limited number of these prints annually.

Certificate of Authenticity
Every photograph includes a Certificate of Authenticity (actually a post-it note on the back) insuring that the signature is a signature and that it reads, "The Re-do Guru." This certificate should be kept with the image at all times as it will be an essential part of the photo's sale to collectors, should the occasion present itself.

Photographs are shipped in hard tubes for protection and are guaranteed to arrive unscathed. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Merchandise Galore
Our online store stocks lots of incredible stuff, all of it devoted to "the next time around."

The T-Shirt This is just one of our colorful collection of fashionable and eloquent t-shirts.

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