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For a limited time only, 60-Day Free Trial Reincarnations are available. For details, click:
Once in This Lifetime Offer

For the headstrong & foolish:

Your Future Life

For a Great Friend

Send a Scum Some Doom

Trade Secrets Concealed

How we create and deliver 100%, absolutely guaranteed reincarnations is, of course, a closely guarded trade secret.

How It Works

But we can tell you how to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities it presents: Click
Once in This Lifetime Offer.

Affectionate Gift Giving

Rebirth may be the most thoughtful gift imaginable. And this kindness is remarkably cheap!

For The Scum of the Earth

Here's a gift for those very special people in your life... And you can't be incarcerated for it.

Advice from Experts

Managing the future is trickier than it seems. You need help.
Professional Counseling.

Our Certificate of Guarantee
Everyone understands, intuitively, that death is bad. So are misery, grief and hopelessness. Yucky conditions, each, that doom some lives, gone wrong and headed nowhere. Until now. Suddenly, for a limited time only, change your universe, putting a move on destiny, free.

We offer a remedy for every woe. Not just a better life, not merely 'improved.' We're talking a whole new ball of wax: Reincarnation.

Normally, our double-your-money-back offer guarantees the future of your choice for a measly $2.95. But, for a limited time only, you can request a 60-Day Free Trial Reincarnation. If you aren't happy with our service, pay nothing. And, for simply trying us out, keep the glorious Certificate of Guarantee with our complements.

The Re-do Guru

P.S. Finding a better life is just the start. You can also give a really nightmarish existence to some deserving louse. (Can you think of anyone?) Check out our "Send a Scum Some Doom" gift program. This too is free for a little while, certificate and all. Better hurry.

Double Your Money Back

We're so confident you'll be thrilled with your new life that we guarantee it. We promise double your money back* if, following your death, you are not completely satisfied with your rebirth.

Double Your Money Back

* Free Trials are not entitled to refunds. (Double nothing is nothing.) Upgrades have full refund privileges.

Reincarnations & T-Shirts

Here at the world's only Reincarnation Marketplace we provide guaranteed rebirths, t-shirts coffee mugs and a few curious services.

Cheat Death

These t-shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors, with three different messages to boot. Mugs are cool.

Messaging Services

We offer all manner of messaging services. We'll send emails to the recipients of your choice when the "time" comes.

And, for the truly prepared, we offer delayed financial transactions. Send a few dollars ahead (to be picked up by your reincarnated self at the appropriate time). We will hold your funds (any amount is acceptable) in relatively safe and liquid investments of our choosing. Keep your fingers crossed. Losses are sad, but a real possibility. Brace yourself.

Revenge is Sweet

There's noting quite so eternally satisfying as guaranteeing some snake in the grass the future of torment he or she deserves.

Some Doom

All EncoreAgain Illustrations are by the gifted Stuart Goldenberg.
Our programming (eCommerce, document creation, and other back office stuff) is by Mike Watson.
Our Inspirational Leader

The Re-do Guru can only be described as a profoundly forward-thinking genius.

The Re-do Guru

Satisfied Customers Speak

The variety and delight of our customers is a thing to behold.


The Good
Sultan of Dubai

The Bad
Devil's Island Inmate
Judge Doom

The Weird
Invisible Ink
Various articles of
    celebrity clothing
Your own pet
    (Most pampered creature
    in all of creation)

Scientifically Intriguing
Ixodes scapularis
    (common tick)
Eucestoda lecanicephalidea
Dracunculus medinensis
    (Medina or Guinea worm)

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