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A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Fans of the Re-do Guru will love this signed photograph. But for the newcomer to this world, it might be less than thrilling.

So give the gift that everyone can relate to: cheating death. Talk about a terrific Christmas gift, or anniversary present for your spouse... Give him or her something to look forward to: the next life you've personally selected.

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His Stupendousness.

Satisfied Customers Speak.

Professional Counseling.

This service is designed to deliver a thoughtful message to a loved one during the days immediately after your reincarnation. We provide this service because we know, from deep experience, that those left behind worry.

Do the courteous thing: reassure them that everything went well and you have become an astronaut, King of Siam or whatever form you have selected "next."

Note that we automatically discover the timing of your reincarnation by sending your original self an email. This email requests a reply. If we don't receive such a reply, we assume you've gone on to bigger and better things.

This wonderful event prompts consultation with the Re-do Guru to confirm your reincarnation. Once confirmed, we shoot a note to your loved one in a blink. And, Shazam! they hear of your good fortune.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It may take a long, long time to confirm rebirth. We can't guarantee timely delivery. Be patient.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The Re-do Guru has mandated that this service be free to all registered customers who purchase a personal reincarnation. What a guy.

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Merchandise Galore
Our online store stocks lots of incredible stuff, all of it devoted to "the next time around."

The Mug
The Mug is subtle. It carries its message lightly: "Wait here, I'll be right back." Sort of reminds us of Major Major Major Major from the immortal Catch 22...

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