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From time to time a profoundly important and moving event reshapes the universe. On such occassions the world should be alerted.

So, get busy and alert a friend: The fabric of existence has been altered and there's a wrinkle in the linens of time!
Tah Dah!

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We send email alerts to those who want to be kept up to date about new Re-do Guru Blogs. So, if you'd like to receive this sort of thing (but not stuff from anyone else as we never share email addresses) leave the little box below checked. Uncheck it if you never want to hear from us again.

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The Re-do Guru is a very busy man. His dance card is loaded with committments to offer guidance, soothing the uncertain and enlightening the confused around the world. So, it would be really, really self-centered of you to expect a personal response to your little message. But, take heart, it could happen. The Guru's an amazing guy and finds time for almost everyone.

The Re-do Guru Blog - Since direct contact with his wonderfulness is limited, take inspiration from The Blog.

The Re-do Guru Himself

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