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The Curse Give a Curse

Here's a great an opportunity to repay some rat you stumbled into and were abused by. Respond in kind, plus some.

Twenty Questions.


All-important Rules.

Helpful definitions concerning a variety of matters.

Alive - 1) Not dead yet; 2) not dead anymore (see Reincarnate).

Dead - 1) no longer living; without life; 2) insensitive; 3) incapable of being emotionally moved; unresponsive; 4) obsolete; 5) inoperable; 6) dull, inactive, stopped, extinguished, barren

Encore - 1) again; 2) still; 3) not yet; 4) a little more; 5) else; 6) also; 7) never.

Reincarnate - To give a new body to an old spirit.

Merchandise Galore
Our online store stocks lots of incredible stuff, all of it devoted to "the next time around."

The Mug
The Mug is subtle. It carries its message lightly: "Wait here, I'll be right back." Sort of reminds us of Major Major Major Major from the immortal Catch 22...

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