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Hurry, hurry, hurry. For a limited time only, the Guru is providing "complimentary" reincarnations to a lucky few: Once in This Lifetime Offer

Step One
Browse the Store until you find something that piques your fancy.

Step Two
Click the "More Info" button.

Step Three
On the "More Info" page for each item you'll be able to specify precisely what you want.

Step Four
Keep browsing or proceed to a pretty simple Shopping Cart

Step Five
Check out.

We offer a variety of methods to announce your gift to some lucky recipient. They range from the very traditional, printed card to emailed notifications and downloads you can attach to your own email message.

For more information, read about email, downloads and announcements by clicking Love Notes & Hate Mail.

Twenty Questions.


All-important Rules.

More Info Your Future Life
This is your opportunity to specify the exact form in which you wish to be reincarnated. You can become anyone or anything. Then pay us and we guarantee your reincarnation in that form. We deliver a striking Certificate of Guarantee. Prest-o, change-o, a new you. Or double your money back.
More Info Send a Scum Some Doom
There's noting quite so eternally satisfying as guaranteeing some rat a future of torment. And there is an unlimited supply of dreadful things to curse your less-than-favorites with. Some are generic, some personal. All well-deserved. Let your imagination soar.
More Info A Friend's Future
Here's a gift for the friend who has everything. One size fits all. Good on any occasion. Sophisticated, yet elemental. Just the right color. And just imagine the romantic glow that will envelope you as you present the Certificate of Guarantee!

More Info Autographed Photos
The Re-do Guru is a handsome devil. And with an inspiring gaze. Order your full-color print of his Stupendousness today. This beautiful 8" x 10" glossy photograph has been personally signed by your favorite guru. Plus, this picture and signature promise to become rare and unique memorabilia in the not-too-distant-future.

More Info T-Shirts
We offer shirts with three different messages, one to suit everyone. The one to the left is the Re-do Guru's favorite. But there are more subtle things you can say. Better still, these t-shirts are 100% cotton.
More Info Mugs
We have two eloquent "Diplomat" mugs from which to choose. They are hefty, 12 ounce, ceramic mugs that are completely dishwasher-proof. The reverse has our URL ( so that the curious will know where to order more mugs.
More Info Caps
These caps are 100% cotton, come with a pre-curved bill and a triple-stitched sweatband. There's an adjustable strap closure with a brass snap-buckle. All messaging is embroidered. This one is our golf cap. But we have other, more assertive messages. Click the "More Info" button.

More Info "After" Messages
This service is designed to deliver a thoughtful message to a loved one during the days immediately after your reincarnation. We provide this service because we know, from deep experience, that those left behind worry.
More Info Funds Forwarding
You can't take it with you. But you can come back for it later. We will hold your funds (any amount is acceptable) in relatively safe and liquid investments of our choosing. (Keep your fingers crossed.)
The tremendous interest that "Send a Scum Some Doom" has generated prompted many of our customers to request anonymous giving. This is, of course, brilliant.

Anonymous Giving

But anonymous email goes by another name: spam. And we're against it. So, if you'd like to send someone a future without identifying yourself, you'll have to mail (or ask us to mail) printed versions of our Certificate of Guarantee to your "target." The "More Info" button next to each Store item will take you to a full explanation.

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