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Striving for Perfection

Suggestions Welcome
The Guru and staff constantly strive to improve our process. Please help us. After your reincarnation is completed, please drop us a note with suggestions. Just click here: The Suggestion Box.

Always Open to Criticism

Nothing's perfect. And so we opening invite your criticisms: Just click Complaints.

Cheap at Twice the Price.

His Stupendousness.

Professional Counseling.

It's conceivable that an ethically challenged website might overstate the quality of its products and services. But first-hand testimony from satisfied customers offer verifiable proof of excellence. See the evidence below.

More Kind Words The Librarian
Ida Turtle is now a deliriously happy reference librarian in Skowhegan, Maine. Her days are filled with quiet, rarely interrupted by a faintly snickering child. Ida was formerly Yaritza Aparecido, Brazilian supermodel. In that life Ida was profoundly sick of the paparazzi, the noise, the glamor and the fast pace. Now, she is content.
More Kind Words "Lucky"
Sometimes people apply adjectives to their reincarnation roles. Occasionally, this is gilding the lily ("All-Star NBA Player" or "Emmy-Winning Actress" are examples). But to roll the dice and go with nothing more than "lucky" takes nerve. But, it worked out.
More Kind Words Joe Terrific
You know what they say about men: some of them are handsome and some of them are smart. But most are goofy looking and pretty dull. This is sad for the men involved and really, really terrible for the women. So, in an act of supreme kindness, Sue Ellen Spectacular reincarnated herself as Joe Terrific.
Merchandise Galore
Our online store stocks lots of incredible stuff, all of it devoted to "the next time around."

The T-Shirt This is just one of our colorful collection of fashionable and eloquent t-shirts.

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